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Translations Done on Time, Within Budget, With Multi-level Quality Assurance Checks

Conducting business in foreign markets is intimidating for several reasons. Companies often fail or make costly mistakes due to language barriers.

Stories about companies embarrassing themselves with bad translations are abundant. That is because language is not the only part of translation. To be a good translator a deep understanding of the culture is necessary and that is why Nichibei Dynamics translators only translate into their mother tongue. 

Nichibei’s Language Services Allows You to Proceed With Confidence

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Our Services:


1. Initial Translation

After reviewing the documents, Project Managers assess and assign the project based on the content and the translator’s expertise. Translators must be a native speaker of the target language.

2. Editing

An equally qualified translator reviews grammar, typography, word choice, etc. The editor makes suggested revisions to the translation if needed.

3. Format Checking

Translated documents are formatted to match the original document in the same program used to create the original, or as instructed by the client. Translations  checked for human errors such as typos or omissions.


4. Final Review

A final review of the translation done line-by-line with the original document. This is conducted by internal translators to ensure deliverables meet job specifications.

5. Finalization

A Project Manager verifies the translation meets client’s specifications, double checking layout, page numbers, names, and other details.

6. Delivery

Finalized documents are delivered to client.

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